Christian Vance ‘Step 3000’

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Artist: Christian VanceHAV003
Title: Step 3000
Label: Haul Vinyl
Cat. #: HAV003
Remixer: Kirk Degiorgio
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: March 15th, 2012
Distribution: Prime Direct Distribution
A1: Step 3000 (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)
A2: Step 3000 (Brick Veneer Dub)
B1: Step 3000 (Original Mix)

It’s a new year and in this particular southern region of the world the weather is sunny and warm. There’s a haze in the sky that greets visitors from afar, a shimmer on the horizon that sets the tone for something else. Destination 3000. The Melbourne postcode. Step off into the new world.

During his early years in Terra Australis, Christian Vance was fascinated by butterflies. Possibly a true story. If you journey to this island nation you will surely become acquainted with all manner of exotic beasts. Some hop, some crawl, some swim, some make music and others indeed fly. The kaleidoscopic display of tropical butterfly wings resonated with Vance. Fragile, paper thin bionic machinery that cuts like a lathe through air and space. The flutter of a chromatic wing, a faint ripple on the edge of the ocean, a pulsing wave to somewhere else. There’s beauty in a harsh environment – even one filled with dangerous beasts.

Where are we headed with all this? Well, truth be told, when it comes to Vance we may always ask the same thing. Setting any cliché about the journey aside, this record is far from a new world anomaly and the old world shares its own philosophy on such natural and metaphysical matters.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce a stunning remix from the old world. Long time ambassador to the fine art of electronic music, Kirk Degiorgio, delivers his legendary signature sound on Step 3000. A reverent remix from a true master. To wrap up the release Vance steps to a truly local pace with his Brick Veneer Dub.

Enjoy the release and respect the butterflies.


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