Chube.Ka’s Interview

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ip01. We are honored to have you as a guest for our webportal’s editorial interview section. Here are the set of questions we are basically doing to the selected artists for this season adapted for you.
So let’s go, please introduce yourself to our readers.

immagine a 14 years old boy, a total looser that gets in touch with djing to get to know people in parties…there you go!!
After this first aproach, things got more serious and nearby clubs started to get me to play…that’s kind the whole story
I started using Cubase when I was 18 and than converted to Ableton where I started a more profesional production…There’s nothing much to add I guess..!

02. As far as sounds go, what is inspiring to you right now?

Right now I’m very into the north european tech scene (berlin, amsterdam..), I m always looking for deeper grooves and powerful drum machines theat make a track never obvious

03. Tell us about your studio, which sequencers do you use? With what hardware/software do you mainly work? What machine would you consider the best part of your kit?

I have my studio at home, it’s very simple but with all I need: R3 synth vocoder Korg, AKAI apc 40, analogue exp Arturia keyboard mixed to Ableton and various vst…last bought Dr.Bob’s collector pack
To make neighbours more pissed off, 2 BX8A m-audio speakers.. :)

04. Which Synths are you favouring in these days?

All Minimoog…the closest to perfection to my opinion

05. What are your future plans? Do you have any new upcoming releases during the next months, that you would like to tell us about?

Right now I’m working on new original tunes…coming out on the next days I have Snatch! , Intacto and 2 remixes for Circle Msic and Paul’s Boutique
I  m looking forward for a brand new tune, which will be released on Intacto at the end of April called ” 1986″ on limited edition coloured vynil…it’s been an exiting project on which both 2000andOne and Shinedoe believed since the begining.
06. Which of your releases has given you the most satisfaction and why?
“Drawned with lies” on Intacto, gave that kick to get in touch with who I wanted to

07. Can you tell us something about your label ‘Babaloo’, how and when it was born, the artists that are involved in it and the future projects for the label…

Babaloo was born almost 1 year ago in collaboration of Kasbah Zoo and Apparel. We wanted to create a small independent vynil label, to get people to know our vibes not only on digital.
After 2 vynils, things got harder and we took a break.
Right now we are about to release our 3rd ep with Andre Butano and Damien Muller..on digital as the vynil market is hard at the moment.
Next releases are already under construction and hopefully will have the same good feedbacks as the 3d one. fingers crossed

08. Can you describe the music scene of your country, specially in the north-east of Italy, Do you have a lot of movement going on there? Are there any djs and producers “on fire” at the moment?

Italian scene, on my opinion, is going nuts..basically we have 2 lines: commercial djs, who try just to save clubs from failure…and djs who try to be underground without having and appropriate aproach with it’s kind of hard at the moment to judge a looks like money is louder than music…
There are always djs on fire up here, we all know each other, but I prefer not to talk about their productions…karma can be a bitch!

09. What do you think about the live act performance? Have you ever think to make in the near future a special live performance with only synths and analog stuff..

A complete artist can do that, like Kevin Sounderson, Jeff Mills, Plastikman…a lot of water has to run over many bridges before I try to do something like that…I barely can use my paytv…immagine a live performance with synths!!! That’s one of the dreams on the box…right now I prefer Traktor or vynils

10. How do you think the electronic music market is evolving over the years? Did the new digital market take down the general musical level to your opinion?

Sure. Too many people nowadays have free access to the music market. Just see how many digital labels are born every day. To look for good music you need a high amout of patience and time…
Maybe that’s the difference between a good dj and a beginner at the moment…the quality of the music you have.

11. What can we expect from the Chube.ka’s sound in the future?

Even if it has nothing to do with sound, plans for the future are to loose some weight…
no jokes, I haven t got a clue of what will happen next…just hope to push the right buttons lol
I d like to keep my style complementing it with new catchy grooves and whatever comes in my way, which I like and want to share.

12. Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and your thoughts.

Interview By Marco Pellegrini. [Different Grooves]


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