Chus & Ceballos ‘Nomadas’

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portadaArtist: Chus & Ceballos
Title: Noamadas
Label: Stereo Productions
Cat. #: SP150
Format: 12″, digital multimedia
Release Date: 7-9-2015
01: Abisinia Feat. Gigi
02: All I Want feat. Astrid Suryanto
03: The Calling (Transition-Tool01)
04: Keep It Dancing Feat: El Chino Dreadlion
05: Drums Give Us Strength
06: Been A Long Time: Feat The Fog
07: Esvedra
08: Soledad
09: Alma
10: Lost In Music Feat: Cevin Fisher
11:The Rhythm (Transition-Tool02)
12: Back to Basico
13: Black Rock City
14: Heaven
15: Obsession Feat. Quilla

‘Nomadas’ is the debut album by Chus & Ceballos, another step in the long and prolific career of the Iberican duo with over 15 years of experience. Their success over the years seen through the unstoppable progression of their label, Stereo Productions, and their par- ticipation in important and international events such as Burning Man, inspired the duo to finish something that they had on their minds for a long time: a conceptual, authentic album, showcas- ing their innate musical side, beyond their characteristic sound, the Iberican Sound, and imprinting a mature and personal treatment. This album, conceived to be listened to from start to end, invites you to dance. It is a sonorous journey through the experiences and life lessons of the duo.

In June, the first single from the album was released. ‘Abisinia’ is a studio collaboration with the Italian producer Leonardo Gonnelli, with whom they published their hit from last year, ‘Soledad’ which is also included in this album. This single was remixed by the Spanish talented producer Uner.

In July ‘Black Rock City’, the second single will be released, which includes a remix by the prolific Spanish producer Dosem. This single is a tribute to last years Chus & Ceballos’ experience at Burn- ing Man Festival which takes place every year in late August in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, United States.

In late August the third single ‘All I Wan’t will be released, a song in which Chus & Ceballos have worked on with the Indonesian vocalist based in the United States, Astrid Suryanto. It will also be accompanied with remixes from the acclaimed spaniard producers Henry Saiz and Marc Marzenit .

The zenith of the painstaking creative process of this album will arrive on September 7th, the date chosen for the album to come to light in its limited vinyl edition and custom USB.

The launch of the first single will be accompanied by its corresponding video clip to complete the whole project experience. It is a visual journey that evokes the nomadic sense of the album and stimulates our ancient and primitive side. Shot in inspiring places such as the magical island of Ibiza, with Es Vedra as the background or the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, it is sure to tantalize the senses.

There is no doubt that this is exquisite work, where they have taken care of even the smallest de- tails, and where we discover the mystical & deepest sides of Chus & Ceballos.


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