Circle ‘Deep Breath’

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Artist: Circlewor036_CoverArtWorkWeb_400x400
Title: Deep Breath
Label: Worship Recordings
Cat. #: WOR036
Format: Digital EP
Release Date: Beatport exclusive May 7th, Release date May 21st 2012
Distribution: Prime Distribution
1. Deep Breath (Original Dagger Mix)
2. Deep Breath (Deeper Mix)
3. Deep Breath (It After Hours Mix)

Building upon the legacy of Djs such as Josh Wink and Kind Britt, Circles original
incarnation in the 90s helped establish Philadelphia as a major hub for electronic music along the east coast – producing some of the regions most well known events. As Djs, Circle established a unique blend of tracky and moody house music that drew heavily from sounds coming out of Germany, London and San Fransisco around that time.

In Circles second incarnation, they tap the studio to bring their vibe to dace floors globally. Almost 20 years in the making, this debut release provides three solid mixes of ‚Deep Breath’, all of which sit on the moodier side of tech-house, dubwise genre.

The ‘Original Daggering Mix’ brings all the elements of this release into play on a 9 minute journey that slowly builds up a knocking drum pattern on top of the core eventually meet up with a haunting vocal sample and a moody synth, creating an intense hypnotic build in the middle of the track. Deep chords are introduced following the build, helping to release the tension and end the track on a deeper

The Deeper Mix’ starts in essence where the Original Mix ends and builds it up with rolling percussive elements and a Chicago style organ sound that wont leave your head for days. Thick sub-bass, additional dub effect,and deep chords round out this version of the track.

The ‚It After Hours Mix’ rounds out the EP and provides a stripped down version of the track that emphasizes the percussive elements of the release using layers of effect to create an equally intense build.


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