Trapez ltd 157Artist: Citizen Kain
Title: Doppelgaenger 2016
Label: Trapez ltd
Format: Digital
Cat. #: Trapez ltd 157
Release Date: 01. July 2016
1. Doppelgaenger (Original)
2. Doppelgaenger (2016 Rework)
3. Meanwhile (Original)

Citizen Kain was one of our first MBF artists we signed and his track “Doppelgaenger” has emerged to be an all-time hit for people in the scene.
The track marks the beginning of Citizen Kain’s international career. A lot of people assign “Doppelgaenger” to Citizen Kain and now artist like Kolombo have been playing “Doppelgaenger” again in front of a crowd of 3000 thousands people in the beginning of 2016….
This all resulted in the wish to rework the track in an updated 2016 version and the outcome confirms Citizen Kain’s expectations with people reacting very enthusiastically already to the new mix.
The EP also holds the bonus track “Meanwhile” a mighty one, that connects to “Doppelgaenger” in terms of stoicism very well.


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