Doob & Armie “Stream Of Thought EP”

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Doob and Armie make “Stream Of Thought EP”, it’s the first release of Clock Poets and features two intriguing original mixes and two cool remixes.
“Flutter” is the first track of the EP, it shares a sense of anxiety because the gloomy instruments and the female vocal speech. “Trade” follows a different direction, moving into a catchy tech house piece.
Guido Schneider with his interpretation of “Flutter” extracts the most dancefloor side of the production, eliminating that anxious sense and converting it into a pleasant and warm sensation; noticeable is the kickdrum-bassline combo, totally dancefloor oriented and it makes a great vibe.

Clock Poets
1. Flutter
2. Trade
3. Flutter (Guido Schneider Remix)
4. Flutter (System Of Survival Deconstruction Remix)

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