M.F.S Observatory ‘Division EP’

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Artist: M.F.S Observatory
Title: Division EP
Label: Cat For Lunch
Remixers: Alex Costa, Metrophonique
Cat. #: CLF004
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 5th 2013
1. Division
2. Goal
3. Division (Alex Costa Remix)
4. Goal (Metrophonique Remix)

As you’d expect from a label called Cat for Lunch, a conventional approach to house and techno isn’t part of their modus operandi. Indeed, the Milan based imprint is one that prides itself on promoting intriguing soundscapes, just as their most recent offering, M.F.S Observatory’s thoroughly ominous ‘Division’ EP, would appear to suggest.

The pulverising strands that form the title track are first up. Textured, persistent and injected with a lethal dose of atmosphere and sliced, indecipherable vocals, it’s the kind of canny DJ tool that’s been sculpted with the night’s most electric moments in mind.

A gratifying dollop of overwhelming drums then characterises “Goal”, a record that plays out like an electronic version of Rio’s famous carnival. A record that speaks to the young trio’s Latin flair with a Pulp Fiction sample that’s sure to prompt smiles and bemusing looks alike.

Prolific Italian producer and recent Alchemy/Time Has Changed man Alex Costa delivers the first of the remixes, an interpretation of “Division” that bring it to murkier depths still. Matteo and Marco AKA Metrophonique close off the EP with a remix of “Goal” that makes more sporadic use of the original’s complex drum patterns, with just as much emphasis placed on the chopped vocal this time.

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