Clio Interview

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You just joined Ad Maiora music family, how this cooperation with Gezim and Rini begin?
Well, it started quite simply: guys contacted me for a remi and then we ended up for an EP! As the very first releases were cool, i gave them 3 original tracks.

Tell us something about your EP ‘Don’t Tell’ on AdMaiora Music: how it’s born? What we must expect from it?
I produced this EP during the month of September i think: it´s kind of a follow up of my previous EP on Snatch. I cant really tell what you guys will expect since we don’t feel the music the same way, only people will tell!

How is going to grow your cooperation with AdMaiora Music in the next future?
We are working on another EP of remixes, which is going to be released in 2016.

Tell us something about your future: reveal Clio way in the next 6 months?
So far i can tell that i will get some stuff to be released in 2016 on various labels such as Drumcode, Truesoul, Kraftek, Erturia Beat, Surface… Sincerly not so bad!

How do you start in the creation of a track and how then you write it down ?
I haven’t a special process when i work on a track. I usually work with Reaktor 5, often i combine it with some other VST in order to get a good groove.
Then i don’t really know where I am going… Sometimes I end up on making a techno track and the next day it’s gonna be something more tech house oriented.I can not stick to only one genre of music, I just try and if it pleases me, then the job is done :-)

Thank you Clio it was a pleasure spend quality time with you! folks, don’t miss Don’t Tell EP on Ad Maiora


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