Artist: Club Bizarre
Title: A Mort Du P’tit Cheval EP 
Label: Days Of Being Wild
Remixers: Chloé, Matt Walsh, Catalepsia
Cat. #: WILD015
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: January 21st 2012 (Vinyl)
1. La Mort Du Petit Cheval
2. La Mort Du Petit Cheval (Chloé’s Open Late Mix)
3. La Mort Du Petit Cheval (Matt Walsh Remix)
4. La Mort Du Petit Cheval (Catalepsia Rework)

We’ll kick start the year 2013 with Club Bizarre first original release for Days Of Being Wild after their remix of Catalepsia’s Conducting The Band before the summer.

This could possibly our fist “cold wave” record!
Driven by an hypnotic post-punk bass line, La Mort Du P’tit Cheval (translate Death of the lil’ horse) is some kind of modern dance music answer to the glorious days of the late 70’s/early 80’s when bands discovered synthesisers and understood that it was ok to make people dance…
A haunting and deranged melody crosses the track , recalling an old 12-bit video game soundtrack, bouncing over a straight 707 beat, like Castelvania’s vampire hunter dressed like Robert Smith.

Next we have three remixes all very different and all taking the tracks to exciting new edges.

First we have Chloé, that we borrowed from the Kill The Dj Family (and what a good idea that was!)
We have been massive fans of her work both as a producer and a DJ and we’re very proud to have her signing a remix to our label.
Her take on La Mort Du P’tit Cheval preserves the post-punk vibe of the original but things are much more funked up this time.
Vocals are chopped and telescope over the melodic line, which has been messed up, detuned and played through reverb giving a haunting, ghostly character to her remix, while keeping in with the hypnotic quality of the original.
The track manages to be deranged and sexy at the same time, like a more dance floor orientated Colder – (if you remember him… probably one of my favourite french producer signed to the legendary label Output in the early 2000’s.)

On the flip side we find Matt Walsh version. Matt’s been having a crazy busy year playing all over Europe (and beyond)… promoting his label Clouded Vision’s first compilation (The Clouded Vision Experiment) as well as starting a new night (Movement with Daniel Avery).
But that didn’t stop him from delivering an enormous remix for us!
Working with mainly analog gear in Scott Fraser’s studio and moving on from the post-punk vibe towards a new wave / EBM sound, his remix is still very atmospheric and ghostly, but the punk bass line has been replaced by a hard, vintage synth. one The addition of super dark vocals adds a lot to the tension as deranged synth sequences and sparse drum fills complete this very dark cut of uneasy listening techno.
To be played at Movement, or similar bunker like places, very very loud and very very late.

Lastly, Catalepsia returns the favour to Club Bizarre by remixing them this time. As I have been referencing post-punk and new wave earlier, I’d say that Catalepsia, nods to a later part of modern musical history here, and more towards what was happening in North America in the late 80’s.
The beat and groove as well as the deep and repetitive bass pattern place his rework of Club Bizarre firmly in the techno heritage.
But the addition of delayed percussions and sound effects give it also an almost tropical slightly psychedelic feel.

The release will be coming out first as a limited edition (250) hand stamped 12″ on January 21st and 3 weeks later on digital.


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