CNCPT ‘Foreign Drum Sequences EP’

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Modularz23_CoverArtworkBWebArtist: CNCPT
Title: Foreign Drum Sequences EP
Label: Modularz
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: MODULARZ23
Release Date: April 8th 2016
Distribution: Complete USA
A1. Foreign Drum Sequence 1
A2. Foreign Drum Sequence 2
B1. Foreign Drum Sequence 3
B2. Foreign Drum Sequence 4

Berlin-based producer CNCPT presents his Modularz debut with the Foreign Drum Sequences EP. The Italian born artist, whose work has previously appeared on Brenda Records, feels very much at home on Developer’s imprint, dropping 4 tracks of dance- oor re, made for the warehouse or the club.
CNCPT superimposes fast, rolling drum work with dubbed-out synths, sitting poignant stabs atop charcoal back- grounds and running through a wide spectrum of emotions. Tension rarely drops throughout the release, with the few moments of respite serving as a launch ramp for the producer to dive straight back into the action.
An all-conquering debut from the Modularz camp. Set for release April 8th 2016 on vinyl and digital.


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