Colo ‘Midday Sun EP’

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Artist: Colo6482_midday-sun
Title: ‘Midday Sun EP’
Remixer: George FitzGerald, Ken Kojima ((aka Simoncino)), Epoque & Ben Barrett
Label: TAKE Records
Release Date: 5th March 2012
Format: “12 and High-Quality Digital Download
1. Picture Of You
2. Rick
3. Never Again
4. Church
5. Never Again(George Fitz Gerald Remix)
6. Church (Ken Kojima aka Nick Anthony Simoncino Remix)
7. Rick (Epoque Remix)
8. Never Again (Ben Barrett Remix)

Following the ‘Decade EP’ from Jack Dixon & Robin Card, as well as productions by Eliphino, Ramadanman, and Locked Groove, TAKE’s first release of 2012 comes courtesy of newcomers colo, two classically-trained UK producers with an ear for melody and a penchant for dusty hardware.

‘Picture of You’ opens with a wave of dense, sustained synth, before giving way to a languid groove and an uncertain vocal refrain. ‘Rick’ sees clacking woodblocks paired with tape-driven 808 bass drums and delicate chords, while ‘Never Again’ provides the most overtly dance- driven of the original tracks, crafting a twinkling, considered euphoria from blurry Juno chords and half-legible original vocals. Finally, ‘Church’ stretches a cascading riff over a slow-motion 4/ 4 and thick square bass, all steeped in reverb recorded live at the guys’ local… you guessed it.

On the remix front, ManMakeMusic and Hotflush’s George FitzGerald stays true to the original flavour of ‘Never Again’, fitting the chord refrain with a firmer, more club friendly low-end and burbling arpeggios to increase the tension. Next, Skylax fixture and Mr Fingers collaborator, Ken Kojima (better known as Simoncino), turns ‘Church’ into an authentic slice of Trax-indebted house, increasing the tempo and adding softened pad sounds and Fostex-saturated drums, while newcomers Epoque, whose sole release to date has seen interest from Consequence & DJ Flight, take the fragile melodies from ‘Rick’ and work them over a restrained 170/85 bpm rhythm track.

Finally, another new artist, Ben Barrett, deconstructs ‘Never Again’ into a sprawling drone of coloured synths and gaseous noises, letting the original vocals drift in and out of the stereo field as the mood shifts from dark to melancholic.


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