Various ‘Forget Me Not Miami 2013’

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Forget Me Not Miami ’13
Label: Comport Records (NL)
Cat. #: COM012
Format: Digital
Release Date: 15th March 2013
1. Quentin Van Honk – The Tar (Camiel Daamen’s Copyright Approved Remix)
2. Dansor ft. Saskia Laroo – Feeling (Arara Remix)
3. Zoe Xenia – Avoid the Void (Sezer Uysal Remix)
4. Tom Noah – Missing (Olivier Weiter Remix)
5. Burst – So Wild (Size Remix)
6. John Gham – Strong (Dansor Remix)
7. Tom Noah – Savour (Soundbalance Remix)
8. Bahlzack – Life on Fire (Joris Delacroix Remix)
9. Burst – She’s Mine (Kaap De Goede Hoop Remix)
10. Spennu – People Just Don’t Care (Haito Goepfrich’s Can’t Change the World Remix)

Since its conception in 2010, the Holland based Comport Records has slowly etched out a reputation as one of its country’s foremost purveyors of underground house and techno. And with the Winter Music Conference just around the corner, they’ve decided to celebrate their proudest moments via their brand new compilation series, ‘Forget Me Not’.

The idea behind the package is to showcase some of the label’s finest musical moments from the past few years, a task that’s executed here with some distinction. So while there’s been quite a few, label bosses Dansor, Soundbalance and Von Smir have whittled it down to ten formative tracks, with each one emphasising the label’s penchant for quality-strewn grooves. And with every one a remix that’s vying for your attention, it soon becomes clear that the label is one that favours eclectic and unconventional approaches.

Matters kick off via a relatively frantic remix supplied courtesy of Camiel Daamen, who turns in a momentous, groove-heavy re-working of Qunetin van Honk’s ‘The Tar‘. Arara‘s interpretation of Dansor and Saskia Laroo’s ‘Feeling‘ then compounds the early promise via an engaging and sultry house record – one that lets the listener know they’re in for quite a journey ahead.

The latter paves the way nicely for one of the imprint’s star turns, Zoe Xenia, whose ‘Avoid the Void‘ is handled in impressively dexterous fashion by Sezer Uysal. The overall ambiance never falters either, with matters granted added gumption soon after courtesy of Oliver Weiter’s keyboard-led remix of Tom Noah‘s ‘Missing‘.

Burst‘s ‘So Wild‘ and John Gham‘s ‘Strong‘ are then both given new licks of paint by Size and label boss Dansor respectively, before Soundbalance add a sense of menace to the equation courtesy of their snare and string-fuelled re-working of Tom Noah‘s ‘Savour‘. And as its title suggests, listeners are sure to do exactly that.

Joris Delacroix turns in a bittersweet remix of Bahlzack‘s ‘Life on Fire‘ that’s cut from a sort of progressive cloth, while Burst‘s music is given the once over one last time, with Kaap de Goede the main protagonist on the frenzied ‘She’s Mine‘.

The imprint’s fine run of form comes to a conclusion with another atmospheric anthem that adds even further weight to all that’s preceded it, Haito Goepfrich‘s remix of Spennu‘s ‘People Just Don’t Care‘. Gliding along on a rich and varied synth-laced tip, it closes the package with some distinction.

Regardless of whether or not you’re familiar with the Comport family and the sound they stand for, chances are if you like your house music with an intelligent edge, than this is the package for you. Bulging with creative juices from label mainstays and newcomers alike, it’s sure to provide both DJs and casual listeners with myriad of as yet undiscovered gems. For how much longer they remain this way, however, is anyone’s guess. Here’s to much more of the same please.

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