Will Flisk “Red Planet”

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Artist: Will FliskCOMMONTHREAD02 b1
Title: Red Planet
Label: Common Thread
Remixer: Grey People
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: January 19th 2015
Red Planet
Red Planet (Grey People Remix)
Silent Running

“Red Planet” is not a typical techno or house release, the track styles is different from the usual stuff we’re get used to hear, it falls into the big ensemble of alternative and sensitive songs edited and cured in every aspect.
Details and textures aren’t missing and these are one of the strength points treated by Will Flisk: the jungle ambient sounds are the backbone of “Red Planet”, and when these don’t play we can feel that something is missing in the track.
In the flip, the Grey People remix of “Red Planet” gives an obscure impact to the vibe created in the original mix, making land 4×4 rhythms, adding some percussions to spread a tribal contamination and encapsulating the main synth melody in short pattern sequences.
As last “Silent Running” activates a mental mechanism so hypnotic and redunding, caused by the mind addictive synths accurately selected by the artist.

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