There’s been a lot of noise coming from our complex.With the upcoming winter months in mind we wanted to provide a little bit extra. Not one, not two, not tree, but four little presents for you in December. What’s the best way to remain warm with the coming cold? Exactly, by dancing until you’ve got take that sweater off.

We started off with the announcement for Black Box’s one year Anniversary. As the name might suggest, it has already been a year since their first event. To celebrate this, they invited Parisian Blocaus resident Anetha. She gained quite a name for herself over the year when it comes to her DJ-career. Her sets can be described as an oscillation between acid lines, melancholic melodies, hypnotic patterns and strong grooves. Completing this line-up are the two youngsters Mercal and Résistance Minuit. The opening of the Maastricht carnaval season will never be quite the same.

After Anetha, we decided to throw in a little extra from our side. We wanted to extend another invite to a great musician like Fritz Kalkbrenner, Jeff Mills and Fatboy Slim,. We thought it was time we explored a realm, which is more in line with the coming season… Our guide? The even more mysterious MPIA3. He is the balance of good and evil within his own dimension. His music is an energetic and cutting edge Techno variety with an acid overlay. Supporting this mystery man are Overmono (consisting of renown names Truss and Tessela) and local wrecking ball Mordred.

When you think about the winter, loads of things will cross your mind. Hot choco, cold weather, snow, ice skating. This last one is something we can’t do that often anymore. Due to success of the last roller disco, we decided December needed some skating. Unfortunately, we can’t bring the ice inside, so normal skates will have to do. Nevertheless, we’ll guarantee a special Santa/Christmas roller disco. Santa Claus is coming.. to groove with us.

Native Tone put another present for us under the Complex tree. On the 22nd of December, it’ll be Agoria decking the halls with banging House music. They say the French are passionate, but it seems Agoria is adding an extra level to this. Not only is he a DJ but a composer, producer, the founder of the record label In Fine as well as the Nuits Sonores Festival and an explorer of the artistic side of music. As Native Tone is a project of passion his invitation was inevitable. It’s finally time to share our ‘amour’ for music.

Of course, Anetha will kick off 11.11. WTF will visit us all the way from Nijmegen the day before. On the 17th, we’ll receive a special visit from some Phreaky dudes. The Utrecht based recently born live concept Phreaks of Visions, consist of the handsome Locklead and Anil Aras. Together these House wizards provide a live show which will undoubtedly make you groove.

No matter what your favourite music is, we’re certain you’ll find something to brighten your December month with. Tickets for all these events are currently available. Get yourself an early Christmas present and buy the tickets to your favourite upcoming event now!


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