Concubine “Concubine”

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Artists: Concubine (Rick Bull, Noah Pred)Concubine
Title: Concubine
Label: Concubine
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 17th 2015
01. Resolution B
02. Pivoting Planes
03. Entropia
04. Apocalypse Disco
05. Drone Bloc
06. Alpha Jam City
07. Uncorp
08. Three Way
09. Luxend
10. Middle Sister
11. Seif

“Concubine” is the new project from Rick Bull and Noah Pred, and for their first appearance they present to the global audience 11 brand new tracks.
While listening to the stuff it seems like they didn’t care about odiern style trends; in each song it’s recognizable that the instruments used are many, and the rhythm structures are various and different.
However, if the artists would have used an anonymous profile, “Concubine” would be more mysterious and intriguing :) Good luck guys!

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