Couch Lock ”Allure EP”

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Artist: Couch Lock
Title: Allure EP
Label: Hidden Recordings
Release Date: Late August 2013
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat #: 030HR
01. Couch Lock – Allure (Original Mix)
02. Couch Lock – Allure (Jonas Kopp Remix)
03. Couch Lock – Recipe (Original Mix)
04. Couch Lock – Recipe (Jonas Kopp Remix)

Sometimes, there is a release that you don’t have to say much about – only to let the music do the talking. New Hidden Recordings artist, Couch Lock delivers a prolific four track EP, titled ‘Allure’. Enjoy this stout, full body techno with just the right portion of deep groove to help continue those epic long nights.

Adding style to the release is a rare remix by one of the most prominent and accomplished producers in techno and house at the moment, Jonas Kopp. A mainstay at the Berlin institution, Berghain, his discography includes prominent labels such as Ostgut Ton, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Spectral Sound, Curle Recordings and Deeply Rooted House, and now Hidden Recordings.

Also, Hidden Recordings artist and Berlin transplant, A. Trebor adds a lush and spot on remix of his own. He is a consistent name in the world of techno and a big player for the respected label.


Allure – A shifty dark analog affair with subtle touches of Detroit techno at the track’s core. A gift in layered subtelty, combining dubby bass grooves with unrelenting heaviness.

Allure (Jonas Kopp Remix) – The one and only Jonas Kopp delivers swaying rhythms in his stunning remix full of exquisite tension builds through hypnotic, refined percussion. Constant punchy drums keep the track on pace to rule the dance floor.

Recipe – Dark, hypnotic mechnanical pulses and sinister percussion that will absoltuely ravage dance floors. The unyiedling martial cadence of the drums is classic driving techno at it’s finest.

Recipe (A. Trebor Remix) –Deep and sophisticated sounding with clean and clear focus, A. Trebor’s remix is a magnificient use of dramatic accents and sudden drops to maximize dance floor craziness!


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