Crayon Mortel & Tracya Interview

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In occasion of the publication of their debut album on 51beats, we had the occasion to interview the producers Crayon Mortel and Tracya.

– Thanks for joining us guys! How are you doing right now?

C: We’re doing great, the album is finally out and it is going really well!
T: Everything fine, as Crayon pointed out our latest work is online and we can take a well deserved break after many busy days in the studio!

– When did you meet the first time, and how did you come across music collaboration?

T: We met for the first time almost three years ago, even if we live in the same neighbourhood.
Crayon was already signed for 51beats at the time while I was starting to work with them.
As soon as I knew that we both lived in the same city we started to spend time together in the studio
exchanging production techniques and developing a common taste that became the starting point
for the realization of our split album.
C: Yeah. It was kinda of a weird coincidence, if you think about it!

– Your split album “Dawn-Dusk” is out now on 51 Beats.
Why you make this choice? Was the creative process of the tracks different?

T: It all started with Alessio’s remix of my track “The Surface”. The outcome was so refreshing that
we decided it could be the base for a collaboration. Then we started to produce our own tracks until we had enough that worked well together.
Personally working on this release I heavily relied on the manipulation of different sound sources, trying to achieve an organic harmony of sampled and synthesized soundscapes.
C: I would describe the process as “natural”. Usually it is hard for two solo musician to get along and work well together, but the things went flawless. It was kinda a reverse Shining situation, “no work and all play”.

– Your sound is a mix between dubstep, house and garage / bass music.
Is difficult for you to maintain a purist approach to these styles, without getting influenced too much?

C: Well, since the very first day of collaboration we decided to listen to a bunch of new music for inspiration, but at the same we agreed not to focus on a particular genre. I think it started as a weird brainstorming, where everything was allowed in terms of composition and/or genre.
T: When I’m working on a new track or I’m just trying to develop a new sound I’m not concerned about shaping them in order to fit a particular genre. I think our split sounds like that as a natural result of our taste and aesthetic.

– Have you got any forthcoming projects you want to tell us about?

C: Well, yes! We have some forthcoming projects, but I don’t know if we are allowed to talk about it. I think I can say that our collaboration is going to produce a lot of new stuff. But I don’t want to spoil anything.
T: As Alessio said we are working on new stuff, stay tuned and you’ll hear back from us soon, guaranteed.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

C: Thank you for having us!
T: Thank you guys, it has been a pleasure!

Crayon Mortel & Tracya’s “Down Dusk” is out now on 51 Beats.

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