Cristian Varela ‘Max & Max’

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max_max_varelaArtist: Cristian Varela
Title: Max & Max
Label: Intec
Cat. # : IDALB02
Format : Digital
Distribution : Beatport, Orchard
Release Date: 16th October 2015
01) Caramba
02) Great
03) Blanky
04) San Francisco
5) Jazzy Freedom
6) Tomy & Jerri
8) Penthouse
9) Silver Tokyo
10) Destination
11) W Alarm Waves
12) Human OK
13) Tiger
14) Ovnivion

Cristian Varela is excited to announce a third studio album entitled Max & Max, due out on October 19th on Carl Cox’s Intec label.
With a background in classical music, what has always operated this Spaniard’s techno apart is its grandeur, its sense of occasion and its sweeping emotional qualities. Of course, it also comes laden down with essential and infectious grooves and in all Varela has put out more than 150 releases on labels as diverse as Bedrock and Sony, BMG and Toolroom. He also runs his own taste making label, Pornographic Recordings, and balances touring the world with his mesmeric three deck sets whilst cooking up killer club beats.
The album kicks off with the anthemic rolling techno of ‘Caramba’ before the pumping ‘Great’ gets more physical and punchy. Every track has Cristians distinctive, fresh perspective and features masterful production that is crisp, clean and truly standout.
Overall it makes for a great ride that is carefully sequenced and expertly executed. ‘San Fransisco’ is a speedy track with sweeping synths and spiritual chords, ‘Ovnivion’ gets more twisted and shadowy and is perfect for later in the night and ‘Jazz Freedom’ then gets playful and colourful with great little hooks, wild percussion and well treated vocals.
The last third of the album joineries though space on tracks like ‘Fascinator,’ ‘Tomy & Jerri’ keep up the slick tech pressure and ‘Alarm Waves’ sooth the mid as it sinks down into a deep, warm groove that rolls for days. There are many other highlights long the way on this most fantastic of albums.
This award winning DJ has crafted a truly epic album here, and one that is sure to go on the soundtrack many clubs as well as after party sessions. It is his latest and greatest work and is sure to win him many new fans.


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