Crocodile Soup Interview

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– Where does your unusual name come from?
Every interview I do I pray I don’t get asked this question, haha! I chose it in 2011 – it was a spring morning and I was at university. While all my ‘proper classmates’ were going to lessons, I used to go to a little hill near the university with my classmate, Andrea to, let’s say, ”enjoy life”. A couple of fresh beers, some joints, a bit of fun on that hill and you can imagine how we felt, like wise old men. Andrea showed me a hand-drawn drawing his little brother did that came from a tourism magazine about Thailand. In Thailand they eat crocodile, so ‘Crocodile Soup’ was born…

That crocodile, that soup – it was love at first sight. Sometimes we just get attracted or love something without a real reason. It’s just about feelings. In the summer of 2011 I was about to play at Balaton Sound Festival in Hungary (my first gig abroad) and I felt it was the right time to start with something new and special so I announced to the promoter of the festival to change my name on the flyer and that is how Crocodile Soup was born. It will soon be the right moment to try this soup for real!

– Can you tell us about growing up in Italy? How do you look back on your younger days in the rave scene? How long did it take you before you settled on your sound?
I live in Italy, near Como. It’s one hour from Milan. My house is in a small village, 3000 inhabitants with mountains, animals, nature and a lake. For now, I don’t need anything else. Now, I would be lying if I told you that I grew up with thousands of millions of vinyl around me with my mum playing piano, my dog playing the guitar and my cat the violoncello. The truth is, I discovered music alone. The only thing I can seriously say about my family is that my father used to play the accordion (now he doesn’t want to touch it anymore) and he is a really passionate person. He puts passion in everything that he does in life and he is a man that made everything from scratch. And music of course was one of his passions, but not the main. He probably passed down this ‘passion attitude’ and I’ve chosen music.

I used to listen to every kind of music, I can chill with some Muddy Waters Blues, sing a mad Bohemian Rhapsody. I love reggae and I used to go often with my girlfriends to listen to live jazz acts with a proper Italian Dinner. Well, of course, ‘techno’ and this scene is my favourite. I started to follow the scene as clubber when I was 16 and since that point I have been super attracted by the idea of the DJ. I think you can’t make music if you’ve never been a clubber. What I also want to say is that, in my opinion, if you want to live your life in music you have to be totally open-minded and not be afraid to learn. Music for me is not just about ‘being cool’. It is something way more serious. I don’t pretend to already know everything about music either. I’m 24 years old – let’s be serious.

– And when did you become interested in house music in the first place?
When I was 17 and I discovered Ricardo Villalobos I was totally shocked. For me, he is not just an artist – he is far more, a kind of visionary. You can never know what to expect from a track by him or his DJ set. After Ricardo, there are lots of artists I really love. All the Arpiar crew, Bruno Pronsato or Cabanne, Cab Drivers, Audio Werner are amazing too and there are lots more. They’re the kind of artists I take inspiration from.

– Your sound’s pretty hypnotic – do you think that’s a fair point? Or how would you describe it?
I Just can’t describe it…I mean I wanna make music with a soul and try to make people remember my name for something special, different or just original…that’s what I work for. Right now everyone can put together loops and make a track. Music for me is more than a bunch of loops, a track needs a story inside and people should just like or dislike it… getting a feedback like ‘nice thanks’ from bigger artist for me it’s not a ”win”… I’m for the black or the white…grey is not for me.

– And your track on the Kosmophono EP – what were you going for with that one? What’s your relationship like with the label? How did they first find you?
This track was made in a couple of days about 6 months ago…the groove is easy but in the same time with some details that make me love it – exactly like the drops. I’m happy with this one because will be released on a super friendly label with a group of talented artists. Alex Piccini is a great artist, a good label boss and way more importantly, a friend. It’s always a pleasure to work with him.

– What do you consider the most important components of a track? How do you work on your music, for example? What comes first?
Impossible to answer! I mean, I’m not a robot making mechanically music. When I found the magic loop I just work on it and see what happens. If I can say something that sounds ‘weird’ for someone is that when I make a track I never start with the kick…it comes just after I have a good idea on the way…is like saying to the listener ‘hey man focus on the story inside and not on the fucking 4/4 kick” (laughs)

– What do you see as the future of house and techno? Where does it go from here?
Unfortunately I’m not Nostradamus and can’t really say too much here…I just hope good artists will get what they deserve working hard and not in different ways …and in 10 years who knows what will happens to this scene… I’ll keep on grooving, that’s for sure!

– Can u tell us a joke or something interesting about yourself that we won’t know?
In Winter I use to fall asleep with my girlfriend with the sound of a switched-on hair drier next to me!!!

Interview by Ian Fleming

Kosmophono’s 2015 Sampler (including Crocodile Soup’s ‘These Shoes are Made for Walking’ is out now


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