Dachshund ‘Playing The Game’

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186178Artist: Dachshund
Title: Playing The Game
Label: Upon You
Cat. #: UY111
Release Date: 03-10-2016
1. Playing The Game
2. Hyper Passive
3. Back To Back
4. Bang It

We salute you, Mr. Dachshund ! After a decade on the production circuit and looking back on a catalogue including releases on renowned labels like Highgrade, Gruuv, 8bit, his very own Clapper imprint and many more the time has finally come for the Geneva / Switzerland-based producer for a single debut on Upon.You Records – and he’s „Playing The Game“ just right, according to his own rules.
The title track „Playing The Game“ takes off on a well-captivating level, combining pumping beats, sharp, closed hats and trippy, slightly psychedelic spoken word bits with an impellent array of morphing, highly energetic stabs – a fusion of classic elements that worked extremely well throughout the mid-90s and still ooze dancefloor ecstasy today, especially when served with a modernistic twist like in this tune.
In „Hyper Passive“ we see the Swiss producer serving a tune that’s far from passive at all. Spiralling synths, pounding beats and neverending modulations are the main elements that set each and every floor in motion – no matter if the audience longs for high-octane TechHouse or rather floating Techno or even an expertly crafted amalgamation of both. Timelessness detected.
Going „Back To Back“ the mighty Dachshund gets big on a technoid sound vision of his own. Riding on the fast lane a quite uplifting stab arrangement caters loads of positive vibes, the warm, embracing bass as well as vocal microbits bring in the phonk and the groove whilst a secondary motif adds more of a clean futuristic feel – a deadly combination that surely causes dancefloor madness and a raise of love levels in every corner of your favorite venue.
Finally the concluding tune is more of a deep affair built on a foundation of bouncing drums, various layers of complex, echo’ing melodies as well as a ‘troity twist when it comes to strings and overall arrrangements whilst hard hitting snares and a characteristic vocal sample remind us of what we all expect from a proper night out – we just want to „Bang It“ !


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