Dachshund ‘Yellowstone’

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Artist: Dachshund
Title: Yellowstone
Remixers: Arttu, LAD & Gerome Sportelli
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: CDRD005
Release Date. June 15th (Vinyl), June 25th (Digital) 2013
01. Northern Steam
02. Northern Steam (Arttu Remix)
03. Northern Steam (LAD Remix)
04. Northern Steam (Gerome Sportelli Remix)

Based on a discography that stretches back to 2006, Dachshund has long been one of the leading figures in Switzerland’s electronic music scene.

Initially making his appearance in 2006 on Num Records, he quickly struck up a lasting relationship with co-chief Quenum; the two remain collaborators to this day both as studio partners and co-curators of the Clapper imprint. Dachshund has since released on many storied dance labels: Ilian Tape, Harthouse Mannheim, Perspectiv, Contexterrior, and frequent home Highgrade Records. Such a pedigree alone justifies his peers’ respect, and Caduceus Records is proud to present The Yellowstone EP, featuring remixes from Gerome Sportelli, Arttu, and Lad.

Dachshund’s original version of Northern Steam sets up a powerful, rolling groove with obvious depth as foundation. Clear dub influences play against shifting drum fills and generous use of melody for an organic and uncommonly expressive whole; a pause in the breakdown where the pads swell, then slowly fade away, is particularly poignant.

Next, Arttu comes with a druggier take on Dachshund’s ideas that jacks in old school Chicago fashion. A pitch-wavering sequence throws things off balance, and the drums gradually intensify to full-throttle beatdown as Space Invaders make 8-bit bombing runs.

Lad’s long introduction of barreling kicks and slowly phased dub sequence dramatically gives way to large swaths of the original melodic line, but after this breath he returns directly to charging techno with a small section of the melody near the end to provide a moment’s respite.

Veteran Frenchman Gerome Sportelli’s adroit rethinking channels Jamaican dub horns to arouse discerning listeners, and his taut tech-house drums keep the tension high for its entire eight-minute duration.


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