Dadub ‘Preternity’

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Artist: Dadub
Title: Preternity
Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts
Remixers: Lucy, Lakker, Rrose, Kangding Ray
Cat. #: SA016
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: January 21st 2013
A1 Death (Lucy Remix)
A2 Path (Lakker Remix)
B1 Life (Rrose Remix)
B2 Existence (Kangding Ray Remix)

‘Preternity’ is a vinyl that collects together four of the most dynamic artists in electronic music delving into tracks from Dadub’s forthcoming album ‘You Are Eternity’. Dadub’s album positions itself as part of an eternity which is forever recurring and in this context Lucy, Lakker, Rrose and Kangding Ray’s remixes emerge as parallel versions of the original tracks. Revolving around the axis of ‘You Are Eternity’ the artists use analogue machines and digital devices to either encode or decode Dadub’s vision.
Lucy tackles A1 reconfiguring ‘Death’. He turns Dadub’s musings on mortality into a malevolent dub tale.
Lakker take on the swaggering ‘Path’ and break it down, they add a knotty industrial edge and metallic splinters. The error codes that ring in the background give that feeling that this ‘Path’ leads to the site of a disaster. In Lakker’s hands this track has undergone a malicious mutation.
The flip side of the record is opened by Rrose, who ratchets up the BPM and creates a decidedly dystopian new configuration of ‘Life’. Gone is the sample from the original and instead the track exists in a whirling, cyclical realm. The final rethinking comes from Kangding Ray who dissolves ‘Existence’ further into a dripping, aqueous state. Muffled, shrouded sounds come into the fore swarming ever closer to your inner ear drum and the track is warmed by seriously deep frequencies.
SA016 is preoccupied with sounds that point to our most basic assumptions. It’s a collection of tracks that are determined to ask questions even if they can’t really be answered. All four artists selected the Dadub track that they wanted to remake, and what has been pressed to vinyl are part instinctive reconfigurations and part reflected rethinkings of that source material. This vinyl is a unique look at the processes of four of electronic music’s most keen experimenters and a moreish taste of what’s to come from Dadub’s debut album, ‘You Are Eternity’.

Words: Clare Molloy


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