Apollonia-avatar-19-AArtist: Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier
Title: Sweet Heart EP
Label: Apollonia
Cat. #: APO019
Release Date: December 16th 2015
A. Schatzi
B1. Habibi
B2. Cherie

Dan Ghenacia and Chris Carrier have been entrenched in the electronic scene in their hometown for a long while now, both men building a strong rep through consistently great music and DJ performances.

Earlier this year they joined forces on ‘Just A Sin’, released via Carrier’s Adult Only label, now they’re back with the follow-up on Apollonia. Across three deadly tracks, the duo explore their love of music making machines to the fullest – each track taking its name from ‘sweet heart’, translated into different languages.

‘Schatzi’ works off a modular synth, bursting out of the blocks with a wobbly bassline which supports a range of subtle effects together with infrequent vocal clips. As the track progresses warm rising pads and female vocal snippets create an entrancing atmosphere.

Next up we get an Arabian twist with ‘Habibi’. A pervading air of mystery presents itself right from the off, with warped voices lurking in the background as the rhythm lures you into its murky groove. As the track progresses more eerie pads and effects are layered over the stepping bassline giving it a very creepy feel.

Finally, French vibes comes through with ‘Cherie’ on side B. The track draws its energy from the busy, though crisp, percussive elements and a b-line that groans in unison with the beats. A simple chime remains present throughout, keeping it minimal yet interesting.


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