Dangeli ‘Haze EP’

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dangeli_600x600Artist: Dangel
Title: Haze EP
Label: Riot Recordings
Cat. #: Riot006
Release Date 21-07-2014

Riot Recordings back to Italy to propose another young guy,Dangeli.
Dangeli grew up in the picturesque city of Gela in Sicily involved within music since early days. Nowadays Dangeli himself proves as a notorious producer within the sophisticated electronic music industry, debuting on Progrezo Records with such an outstanding gemstone as Maze EP.
Dynamic rhythm reveals Dangelis passion for subtle drums and groovy voices making with a memorable time in the night without doubt.
As characteristic n Dangelis sound, a strong but kind of funky-groove bass-line adds enough strength to the mix.
Frankyeffe decide to make an ep on Riot Recordings signed from Dangeli because the sound is perfect for this Summer
Dangeli debut to Riot with his “Haze Ep”.

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