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For this interview we had an opportunity to have a chat with Dani Casarano, focussing on the forthcoming only vinyl release on his label Melisma. Noted for his affiliation with Cadenza Records, he is a well known producer who released many interesting tracks as solo artist and with his friend Felipe Valenzuela.

– Hi Dani, hope everything is fine! How are you doing?

Hello people from Different Grooves 😉 I m good thanks!

– In April you appeared again on Cadenza Records and also on Drumma, are you satisfied about that?
I’m always satisfied with the music I produce, otherwise it wouldn’t be released, but at the same time I feel so exited about these collaboration projects with Luciano, Argenis Brito or Felipe Valenzuela. I love to make music with friends

– Is important for you to feel relaxed and without stress on music production rather than hurry up and publish a lot of songs?
I never feel stress when I’m producing music!  The studio time is my world, I feel calm there and nobody can interrupt that, so problems and worries stay outside please. I’m not interested in publishing a lot of songs – for me the music I produce is something really personal and so it doesn’t make sense to publish music on 50 labels that I like, but with less good music.

– Did you apply that concept also on Melisma Label purposes?
Yes, of course! With Melisma, we take the time to put the right release on the market and I think this has made our reputation today, which is something that I’m really happy about.  For me, 5 digital releases and 3 or 4 vinyl releases per year, each always with a nice music concept behind it, is already a lot of work in terms of maintaining the quality.

– And what are the aims of your label project? Is difficult for you to follow these objectives?
Being owner of a label is a full time occupation and you always have to think about what you will do in a few months time, but not too far because things can change really fast within music. No, its not hard to follow my objectives because I m really love what I do.

– The third Melisma release has been produced by Felipe Valenzuela & Jcko Mosqueira. What’s the story behind it?
Felipe is my partner and best friend; we have been running Melisma together some years already. Jkco, an amazing artist has been supporting us since the beginning. The rest of the story is based on two close Chilean friends and mainstay of the label who share the same passion and zest for the music which gave birth to Different Bass.

– Ricardo Villalobos did a very nice remix of “Different Bass”. How do you feel about signing him to your label? Did his figure influence your musical background?
Yes, he is also a part of the artists that influence my musical background and an old friend, which I respect a lot. I’m very happy he did the remix for Felipe & Jkco and of course for the label it is important to have an artist like him on board too.

– Have you got any important gigs coming up?
This summer I will have a monthly residency at Club Der Visionaere in Berlin. Also, I will play in countries like Russia, UK, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brasil, Argentina and Chile just to name a few so I look forward to seeing you all!!

– Are you working right now on something?
Yes, now I have several new projects on the go. One with Dorian Paic and Felipe Valenzuela called ‘Feel Da Doo’ and another one with Jkco Mosqueira & Felipe Valenzuela called ‘Feel Da Jack.’  Those projects are basically based on jams with drum machines and synths all recorded and then edited. I’m also compiling  the soundtrack of a documentary about the electronic  music scene in Chile!

– Have you got any forthcoming plans and projects for the label and yourself?
We are currently preparing the Melisma digital number 20 . We were expected to have something very special to celebrate it, so I’m proud to announce that NEKES (Oslo Records) is to join the Melisma Family !!! Stay tuned   And we also have the Melisma vinyl 04 from Felipe Venegas with the single Opaco accompanied by a remix from (this is still a surprise) From my side, I have a new Cadenza release with Felipe coming out soon and another EP with Jkco Mosqueira on Tzinah records.

– Thank you so much for the interview and good luck!
Thanks people from Different Grooves for this interview!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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