Daniele Sciolla ‘STNDBM’

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DCIM100GOPROArtist: Daniele Sciolla
Label: Bad Panda Records
Format: digital (WAV+mp3)
Release Date: 16.02.2015
Distribution: digital stores (bandcamp, itunes, amzon, lastfm)
Tracklist: STNDBM

Daniele Sciolla, Italian electronic music composer from Cuneo, will release his new single STNDBM with Bad Panda Records on 2nd February 2015. The track trailer is a live video recorded in the studio, available to watch

The artist released his first EP, “Sinthesi” in April 2012 with Quantum Bit Net label; since then he has taken part in European tours, playing in cities such as Berlin, Paris, Rome, Lepzig, Lyon, Turin and festivals such as Heineken Balaton Sound. He won the Sziget DJ contest in 2012 and the Marte Live contest in 2014. His first single “Old Room” was selected as the soundtrack for the Nitro Circus episode on 9th August. Bad Panda Records is an international label with signed artists from the UK, Japan, Germany, France and the USA. Populous, Indian Wells and Theatre Of Delays have also recently released works through them.


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