Daniele Sciolla

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daniele_sciollaDaniele Sciolla is an Italian composer, producer and performer of electronic music. He began learning the flute and composition at the age of 6 at the academy “Conservatorio nazionale G Ghedini” in Cuneo (I) and after some years He enrolled at the jazz academy “centro jazz” of Turin.
He began experimenting with electronic music in 2011 during his time as a student at the Tourin University Mathematics Department, where He learned about computer programming languages, algorithms and physical sound concept.
He released his debut album Sinthesi on independent record label Quantum Bit on April 2012. In this album He mixed samples (in particular voices, piano, guitar and ambient sounds) and synthesizer to create a very intuitive and personal sound.
He performed with artists such as Tim Exile, Apster, Aucan, Afrojack playing at festivals such as Heineken Balaton Sound (2012) and Encode Festival (2011).
During his performances he plays all his sets live using loops and samplers.


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