13680928_1029999607037002_3025681587104229709_nArtist: Dany Rodriguez
Title: Galaxies Compared
Label: RMR
Cat. #: RMR006
Format: Vinyl / Cd / Digital
Release Date: 14 September 2016
01: D’story
02: Voyager
03: November
04: Galaxies Compared
05: Landscapes
06: Elium
07: Labyrinth
08: Pluton
09: Inside (digital exclusive)
10: System R (digital exclusive)

‘Galaxies Compared’ is the debut album from Belgium’s Dany Rodriguez. Having released a series of EPs for labels such as Kombination Research, MBR, Bush, MB Elektronics, Destination, Bulletdodge and Phobiq he now runs his own RMR label, where his techno and electronic sound has developed and flourished into this, his biggest project to date.

Recording for over a decade, Dany wanted to drop his debut album in the right place and at the right time. ‘Galaxies Compared’ therefore is the culmination of his many years craft learning via the perfect artist platform of his own label.  It’s a preview of Dany Rodriguez’s musical path over the years through 10 magnificent tracks, showcasing his diverse electronic talent. From melodic heavenly delights to killer, speaker-shredding monsters, Dany takes us from mortal earth to the furthest galaxies and back.

Launching with the slowly building ‘D’story’, the track gradually mutates along bubbling synth lines and ethereal strings but constantly teases by holding back from the precipice. Instantly we find a producer in full control of his sound and brimming with confidence. ‘Voyager’ at last introduces a beat with swirling keyboard motifs creating a stringent, cosmic feel. Then we are taken back to the dark recesses of the universe as ‘November’ rolls around taut delicate strings and subtle pads before the shimmering stardust of ‘Galaxies Compared’ scatters light and warmth across our musical journey.

‘Landscapes’ carves a deeper furrow, bringing the beat gently back and forth over alien frequencies for ten minutes of spaced-out grooves whilst ‘Elium’ ups the tempo, albeit with a clipped beat and once again, restrained and subtle use of pads and hats. ‘Labyrinth’ is perhaps one of Dany’s most perfectly realized tracks, sitting somewhere in the space-funk universe between early Axis era Hood and Mills whilst ‘Pluton’ rattles its sabre on the dancefloor with shaking percussion and a twisting acid-bassline that never overstays its welcome. The album wraps up with the tough minimal beats of ‘Inside’ before ‘System R’ guides us back through the cosmic drum pad vortex.

Dany Rodriguez also manages two party concepts: 100% Pure Electronic and The Link Festival, while he also runs two successful labels: RECODE MUSIK which has released artists such as Space DJz, Tom Hades, mcj, xentrix, Jay Denham, Frank Valon Roel Salemink, Mark Broom and And whilst his second label, RMR (vinyl & digital), releases EPs from himself with additional remixes from James Ruskin, The Advent and Marco Bailey, Chris Tietjen, Oliver Way, Ben Long & more to come.


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