Artists: Danza Macabradanza-macabra-19-pr, Diyala
Title: In For It Recomposed
Label: Danza Macabra
Remixers: Matthew Herbert, Richard Davis
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 20th 2015
1. In For It (Matthew Herbert’s For It Mix)
2. In For It (Richard Davis Remix)
3. In For It

Danza Macabra got dirty the original track with a low pitched sawtooth bass, a delayed piano and a synth melody, and the use of a melancholic vocal made everything so dark and a little bit depressed.
However the remixers have been able to maintain the cupe attitude of the original in their reinterpretations, offering an interesting vision from their prospective.
Matthew Herbert rearranged the instruments in a better way, making all them more distinguishable, while Richard Davis focussed his attention to the vocal, and using another set of drums he partially removed the sound distortions, and mostly important, that sense of sadness.


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