Danzoo Shem Interview

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Danzoo Shem is what you might call a nomadic producer. Born in Barcelona, he grew up in Mallorca and he now lives in Berlin – while he’s due to move to Poland soon. What’s more, he also came to our senses thanks to his work on Spanish label Depaart, where he recently unleashed the exceptional threads of the Dirty EP. Dirty itself is a bruising dancefloor number, but for our money at least, we really wholeheartedly encourage you to check out ‘Nein’ on the flip. Indeed, both are great tracks in their own right, so we decided to check in on the main man himself recently to find out more…

– Hey Danzoo, how are things in life with you right now?
I’ve been working hard in the studio on some new projects before I move to Poland. For some years now I have been enjoying living new experiences, and because of that the time has come for me to leave Berlin.

– Being a Catalan born artist, now based in Berlin, what would you say are the major cultural differences between the two cities?
I was born in Barcelona, but I grew up in Mallorca. The Mallorcan scene is in full decadence – right now one cannot talk about a Mallorcan scene because there is not enough public for it.

– Was the move to Berlin solely based on being inspired musically by living in a city so enriched in techno?
As I said before, for the past couple of years I have enjoyed living in different cities. In the case of Berlin, I was attracted by its art. It is latent throughout the whole city, and yes – it is true that there is a big local scene not only within techno, but also other genres.

– You have been in the industry for quite a while now, how would you say your music has changed with the years?
Throughout these past years, I have slowly been defining my sound until I found one that truly characterizes me. However I have never closed myself to one concrete style anyway. Quite often, in a production, I find myself inclined towards more hard styles or towards styles with more soul, but always respecting my signature.

– How long have you been producing? Who influenced you to start?
Actually, it was many years ago when I made my first edited track – although it was not until 3 years ago when I decided to cut the hours I spent on DJing, in order to start with production.
For me, the person that has been the most exponent and influential as a producer – and always will be – is Martin Buttrich. Even though I have always admired Claude Vonstroke. In reality, my music does not have much to do with these artists. They are more my role models in terms of production.

– What was the first record that you bought?
Honestly, I do not remember what was the first record I bought. Although when I started, one of the artists that I liked the most was without a doubt Booka Shade.

– Tell us about your new release. What was your thinking behind it?
This new release is quite a personal one, especially one of the tracks named “Nein”. It’s a project I did over 2 years ago, and it came to life in the studio while recording it live. The other cut, which gives its name to the EP – Dirty – is a demonstration of the style of production I like; few elements and a lot of groove.

– How did it come about you releasing on Depaart?
I met Carlos in 2013 in Berlin. As we were exchanging views and I was showing him my work, I got very interested in collaborating with them. Ever since it has become my label of reference, to which I always turn to before sending any demo to other labels.


– How do you stay motivated musically? What’s influencing you a lot these days?
It is very difficult to stay motivated in a world where there is so much competition and professional intrusiveness. The only thing that keeps me motivated day by day is to be doing what I like and being able to enjoy it in any moment.

– What are your hopes for 2015? Where do you want to see yourself in 12 months time?
In 2015 I am starting with a change of city, which will bring me new inspiration as far as production is concerned. I will be working in the studio and trying to always bring out the best of me. One year from now – the least I hope for is to continue dedicating myself to what I like. That is enough for me.

Interview by James Hopkins

Danzoo Shem’s “Dirty EP” is out now on Spanish label Depaart


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