Dario D’Attis Interview

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– Hey Dario, can you please introduce yourself to people who don’t know you?
As you heard, my name is Dario and I’m a small guy (1,97 m ) who lives in Schaffhausen. I’m also the father of a 9 years old daughter with a great passion for music.

– And how best would you describe the music you make?
Honestly, I don’t really love to categories music. Especially my own. But in this case I’ll try: I hope you DANCE to my music !

– You’ve come to our attention thanks to your work at HIVE Audio. Have you been a fan of the label for quite some time?
Yes that’s right. I’ve been following the label since they started with it. I’m glad that I got this opportunity to work with them for sure.

– Have you partied and played at the club in Zurich too? How was that?
I will play at Hive Saturday the 1st of March. It’s my first gig there. Very excited!

– And how did the EP come about? Did you approach them? Or did the guys at HIVE approach you?
Adrian from Animal Trainer asked if I could send them some demos, I did and now they’re on the label!

-You must be really delighted with how it ended up too. Can you talk us through it a bit though? Did it end up as you hoped and imagined it would?
For me, it’s already a special thing to release on Hive Audio but honestly I never imagined that this EP would work so well.
I knew Hive Audio is doing a really great job and that they has a lot of followers. But the result of this collaboration is much more than my expectations… and I’m really thankful for it .

– There’s a kind of hip-hop feel that runs through ‘Life’s A B’ too. Are you a big hip-hop man or did you just think it’d be something that’d sound cool on the EP?
I’m quite big but not really a hip hop man. I love old school hip hop and I’m hanging around with hip hop producers cuase they have their studio just close to my one. I had this vocal sample and i put it in my sampler. I just tried to create a hypnotic loop with it. After that I worked out some beats around the loop…

– What other sort of music did you listen to as a kid then? When did you first encounter electronic music?
I’m very open and I like a lot of different styles of music.
I love Flamenco, south american music like bossa nova or African music. …just too much to mention all…
The first time I came in contact with electronic music it was in the early 90’s through a radiostation called Couleur 3 .
Also a DJ called Dani König was one of the reasons why I was attracted by doing this. (I don’t think he know it!)

– Was house/techno always popular where you grew up in Switzerland? What DJs/ producers inspired you to start making beats?
Yes I can say that house and techno are two very popular music styles here in Schaffhausen.
Already in the 90’s we invited guests like: Kevin Saunderson, Kerri Chandler, Oliver Stumm, Mandrax, Farley Jackmaster Funk umm.
I got my inspiration from so many dj & producers… let’s say that Djaimin gave me a lot o fit…

– The scene there really seems to be blowing up right now! What do you reckon the reasoning behind that is?
I think this is only because Paris Hilton is one of the most famous djane’s worldwide… isnt‘ it ?

– What other Swiss producers would you recommend us to check out?
That’s a very good question… I think Switzerland has to offer a lot at this time.
Dj’s & producers like Andrea Oliva, Dj Le Roi, Animal Trainer, Manuel Moreno, Fat Sushi, Jimi Jules are doing a great job for electronic music.

Finally, the new year is just upon us, so what are your new year’s resolutions? And what more can we look forward to from you over the next few months?
I had a fantastic start into this new year with this collaboarion and I just finished 2 more ep’s for them.
Hopefully they like it!

Interview by James Hopkins

Dario D’Attis Diss In Minor EP is out soon on HIVE Audio


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