Artist: Darius Bassiraytbm005
Title: Consortium Of Colors
Remixer: Nadja Lind, Rob Dowell, Markojux, Trinity & Beyond
Format: Digital EP
Label: Text Book Music
Cat. #: TBM 005
Release Date: July 21st, 2012
Distribution: Xelon Entertainment
1. Consortium Of Colors
2. Consortium Of Colors (Nadja Lind Remix)
3. Consortium Of Colors (Rob Dowell Remix)
4. Consortium Of Colors (Trinity & Beyond Remix)
5. Consortium Of Colors (Markojux Remix)

Text Book Music was founded in 2010 by Darius Bassiray & Paul Beynon as an avenue for full creative freedom to release music that easily sits between dynamic house, glitch broken beat, abstract electronica through to deep techno. The labels output has gained support and chart action from benchmark artists as diverse as Richie Hawtin, Magda, Brothers Vibe, Slam, Laurent Garnier, Terry Francis, Dominik Eulberg, Craig Richards.
At some point during the 2012 Rainbow Serpent Festival, Darius Bassiray found himself wandering and discovering exciting untapped areas of the great Australian outdoors. Inspired by the atmospheric soundscapes he was hearing, Darius went back to his campsite, pulled out his laptop and attempted to capture this mood. The result was “Consortium of Colors”, a fusion of futuristic broken beat, synthetic melodies, and forward thinking beat programming.
When it came to remixers, Pinksilver’s Markojux was an obvious choice. His blend of dub-inspired music complements the feel of the original and takes it to a whole new level. Trinity and Beyond deliver a quality interpretation expanding on the melodic themes of the original.
Ron Dowell is one of the most underrated producers in the world in our opinion, and on this release he adds his signature take on deep house that resonates why Text Book Music and producers from Atlanta have such a uncanny musical affinity with us.
Finally, Nadja Lind provides a quality brooding techno remix with her trademark rolling grooves, percussion, deep atmospherics and a really special key and synth work out that totally surprises you in all the right places.


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