Darko Esser a.k.a. Tripeo Interview

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– Hi Darko, hope everything is fine! How are you doing?
I’m doing very well thank you!

– Which are the highlights of your music career and the things you mostly enjoy?
To many great moments to count honestly, singling one out wouldn’t do other amazing moments justice. I actually enjoy the fact that I’m able to do so many different things in the music industry (DJ-ing, live act, producing, running labels, promoting & programming parties) the most. I love diversity and I’m very thankful to able to practice just that.

– What are the motivations and inspirations that push you forward in producing and deejaying?
Music, other artists obviously is always a big inspiration, but inspiration can be found in so many other things as well. Like travelling, a good conversation, nature, cities etc. It’s a very abstract concept and I’m always absorbing it whenever I can.

– How did you feel about publishing a second album? The first you did was released in 2009.
It was far more relaxing then the first one haha. Back then releasing an album was all new to me, especially considering I was releasing it on my own label. I learned a lot from this, so I knew a lot better what to do this time. Also the whole production process in the studio was very chilled out and easy. I was finished 2 weeks before the deadline I gave myself.

– “Anipintiros” tracks are not very dancefloor oriented and are based on essential, rich synths with drum machine sounds. Do the whole result reflect part of your traditional style integrated with new elements?
It’s funny that you say that it’s not very dancefloor orientated, because one of the basic principles of the Tripeo project is that it’s dancefloor orientated techno haha. So when I started making the album, one of the ‘rules’ was that all tracks should be playable in one form or another. Tripeo is also a break from my traditional style of making music. It’s narrow musically speaking (only techno) and I used different production techniques then I was used to. Tripeo takes me out of my own comfort zone.

– In my opinion the first three tracks are the best, have you got any favorites?
The ones that resonate most with me are Anipintiros #2 and #8 and for the dancefloor #7

– Can you describe the artwork concept?
The artwork was created by Yorick de Vries from Studio Another Day. He developed the cover after a couple of brainstorm sessions we had. I told him I wanted a head that was exploding with ideas and this is what he came up with. He made everything by hand and edited it later in the computer. He has an extraordinary talent!

– How is going with your labels Wolfskuil and Balans? What’s on the plan?
The labels are going really well! Sales are good and feedback even better. We keep moving forward! Artists that will do releases soon, either original or remix, are Benny Rodrigues, Rodhad, Nphonix, Simon Haydo, Qindek, Eric Cloutier and Doka. Working on more as we speak.

– Any upcoming projects for Tripeo label and yourself?
The album tracks will get reworks from 6 of my favourite producers: Blawan, Ben Sims, Mike Parker, James Ruskin, Exium and Cadans. The remixes will be released on 2 separate 12 inches in the fall/winter of this year. After that I will continue with the Trip series in 2015. Besides that there is a string of remixes in the pipeline for ESD, Fracture, Pole Group, Orbis and Radial and I will release a Tripeo 12 inch on my favourite Dutch label in September.

– Thank you so much for the interview and good luck!
Thank you for the opportunity and have a great day!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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