Dave Metzo ‘Circus’

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artworks-000067642397-klbmfe-t500x500Artist: Dave Metzo
Title: Circus
Label: Electrocity Limited
Cat. #: ECL001
Release date: 24.02.14

Have you been to the circus recently? Good! Have you seen many clowns there? Were they scary? If you have seen only these silly and not-so-funny ones you have to visit DaveMetzo’s “Circus”. Where darknes and haze are ubiquitous, clowns have no intentions of making you laugh and performing artists uses their unique skills to scare the hell out of you. Have we mentioned about the freak display? So it’s there also. The cotton candy is a sickly shade of green and the knife thrower doesn’t miss. Some say that the most common experiences for people visiting are pain, fear and that premonition of someone always present behind their back. And only some can recount this as not everyone is lucky enough to leave the circus. Most of the people just stay there forever and becomes part of it. Will you join them? C’mon, it’ll be fun! With DaveMetzo’s „Circus” a subsidiary of recently started Electrocity label kicks off. Electrocity Limited will be home for hypnotic techno loops, through the unlimited ocean of the deep house, to all-present in the underground culture minimal sounds that makes you move.

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