Dave Sinner ‘Sonar 2016 Special’

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lr056Artist: Dave Sinner
Title: Sonar 2016 Special
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR059
Release Date: 25-11-2016
Unwritten Stories
Into The Void

Born out of Sonar Off Week in Barcelona, Dave Sinner and Loose Records have come together to release Sonar 2016 Special, boasting three brand new tracks from an eclectic whirlwind that has just started growing across the international electronic music scene. From a very young age Sinner has been soaking in every influence he could find, but the heavy grooves of true techno left the deepest impression on him. After releasing his first EP on Selected in 2015 on Sinner has wasted no time producing more music, enough to catch him a spot on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Live Show. The road has only just begun for Sinner, and to watch him continue to thrive with his newest efforts are guaranteed to leave a lasting mark on listeners and the scene alike.

Unwritten Stories – The energy comes out insistent and catchy from the intro, ratcheting the game up a notch with unique drum effects thrown in on top of some truly majestic trance-inspired underlays. Elegantly-placed vocals carry the song upwards even more, marking a well-balanced interplay of many different sounds that work beautifully together in the hands of a master at work.

Khala – Like a quick countdown to launch, the beat tracks an upward climb without losing any of its breakneck speed before some awesome surprises. Bursts of industrial inspiration sharpen the bouncing effects with an edginess that is sure to keep crowds on their toes everywhere. Expectations get thrown out at every angle, and the ride never ceases to engage and please listeners through to the end.

Into the Void – A massive pulse surrounds the listener as a tinny high hat interweaves the baseline, quickly accompanied by ghostly vocals and rising waves of ethereal bliss. Borrowing from house roots while bringing in modern trance effects can be a tricky balance, but the fruits of the labor here are only a pleasure to ride along.


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