David Kassi ‘Freeway’

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MGL001_resizedLArtist: David Kassi
Title: Freeway
Label: Mangali
Cat. #: MGL001
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 27th 2012

1. Freeway
2. Wobble
3. Pray For Lovea

Meet David Kassi, a Greek producer and DJ; and the first artist to be featured on Mangali! We’ve got a very special one for you, and we are very proud to open our doors with such a beautiful EP, ‘Freeway‘.

Freeway‘ mixes sublime vocals with a groovy bassline and tech house percussion to create a track that begs to be played. The subtle synthwork keeps the track at a cool level, but still full of energy which is consistently released throughout the track.

Wobble‘ turns up the bass and favours the same groove of the previous track, while emitting a livelier vibe and atmosphere. A great addition and compliment to the tittle track.s

Then, ‘Pray For Love‘ boosts the percussion and simplifies it while the bassline rules the field, until pads rise and create a funky, soul searing burner. A very versatile track that could feel at home in the middle of a heated Saturday night set in Berlin’s Watergate, or an afterhour on a mid-day open air. All together these tracks make for a satisfying first release, ready for dancefloor worldwide.


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