Mørk “Pareidolia EP”

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Emanuele Pertoldi and Francesco Devincenti continue their project called Mørk, launching the first release of Doble Bider: “Pareidolia EP” it’s the title given to the EP which features three dark techno productions.
The track pressed in the A side is called “Cydonia” and with its broken beat rhythm shares a sense of sadness, feeded by the 80s like pad. On the flip the sonorities are more interesting than expected: “A City On The Edge Of Forever” reveals the Emanuele’s dub techno roots, it builds up slowly and becomes hypnoting and alienating when the main chord starts at the middle of the song, as closing “Chang’E” is totally into ambient and drone, revealing an unexpected scenario.

Doble Bilder – June 2016
A. Cydonia (Original Mix)
B1. A City On The Edge Of Forever (Original Mix)
B2. Chang’E (Original Mix)

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