DEAS,Midi Zoo ‘2CB EP’

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SRR004_Deas,Midi_Zoo_2CB_CoverArtworkArtists: DEAS,Midi Zoo
Title: 2CB EP
Format: Digital
Label: Secret Room Recordings
Cat. #: SRR004
Release Date: February 2nd 2014
Distribution: Proton
01. 2 CB (Original Mix)
02. The Drugs (Original Mix)

Secret Room Records hits again. This time with the redoubled power! Two DJs & producers from Poland – Deas and Midi Zoo met together in the studio in Warsaw and created an unusual work. This meeting resulted to an explosive mixture and the results of this cooperation is wonderful, dark and dynamic EP.

2CB is definitely hit of the dance floor. Full of the deep bass and strong rhythms. Very interesting arrangement doesn’t allow to pass indifferently by track, the combination of ambient and deep sounds together with the motoric techno beat result in an excellent track that works in pike-time of every good party.

The Drugs is the next track, deeper, more melodic, a little psychodelic in the moments, with the insets straigth from the films of the 60s. This song is not only the good techno, but also a great composition and unique atmosphere that create original melodies and strong beats.

With this release Deas and Midi Zoo are proving that they have open minds and untypical ideas and are able to use from the different genres of electronic music.

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