Decks Records currently is faced with limited capacities. For that reason we are only able to ship to a restricted range of customers of your country in the future. While this period of time we will only ship to customers with a value VAT Reg. No. (value added tax registration number). for example: DJs, Vinyl dealer, Label , Booking, Promotion and Event Manager, Clubs and Discos, Cafes, Mastering Studios, Producers, Shops et al. We ask for your understanding for this limitation. Please respect this fact. Of course you can order all of our products at shops and dealer / retailer in your country as well. Dealer will get special purchase conditions at decks.

Con questo messaggio molti amanti del vinile del nostro paese rimarranno a bocca aperta, e poi asciutta: no more vibes, purtroppo Decks a breve diventa un vero e proprio distributore, pertanto solo i possessori di partita IVA poranno acquistare sul rinnomato e-shop.


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