Decon Recon ‘#1’

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NM004-ArtworkArtist: Decon Recon
Title: #1
Label: Noise Manifesto
Format: 12″ transparent vinyl // digital download
Cat. #: NM004
Release date: April 20, 2015
Oni Ayhun
Aquarian Jugs (aka Planningtorock)
Jaguar Woman (aka Paula Temple)

Future child of Paula Temple’s Noise Manifesto, Decon/Recon puts strength and artivism into a new idea of scene. The first Decon/Recon release is planned on 20 April 2015, both vinyl in limited edition and digital.

The brand new project is based on a new series of electronic dance music releases presenting a unique and libertarian approach to collaboration, production and dance floor action. It converges artists’ samples in an open archive which is reassembled in four different tracks by the artists themselves. This project wants to put identity into a crisis by giving a collective authoriality and by letting all hierarchies collapse into a collective resonance who dares to become.

Decon/Recon is not just about new forms of self-representation, the deconstructive process of the “artist” status in terms of superiority or the elaboration of new politically active business models but about composition as a scene and quality dance music at its best. The release will de/compose four future pioneers who responds to the names of Aquarian Jugs, a new alias from Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock, rRoxymore, Oni Ayhun and Paula Temple herself as Jaguar Woman.

The releases’ paratextual structure will play the same game. All artists shall be credited on the cover without authorial connections with the title of their own tracks exposing the listener, reader, dancer in to taking active part in the whole process.

Where Deconstructing is Reconstructing, dancing is enacting future live models into present floors.

Words by WARBEAR

Decon / Recon Collaboration in process

Decon/Recon is a way of reworking remix collaborations. Whilst traditional remixes are based on a hierarchy between the original artist and remixer, Decon/ Recon will place all remixers and composers of parts on equal footing and as part of a composing collective.
The principle of Decon/Recon is simple: A group of artists each supply sound (their parts) for a piece of electronic music to a creative pool, then they all use the same range of parts to put together a track, the Decon/Recon remix. Deconstruction happens where artists each submit parts (but no full tracks), the reconstruction happens where the sounds are mixed together in different ways by the different artists of the collective. Not only does this require highly skilled and creative composers, it also challenges dance music artists to work together in ways that have not been explored yet.


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