Urbano “2xr909 EP”

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Artist: Urbano
Title: 2xr909
Label: Decoy
Cat. #: Decoy03
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: June 2013
1. 2xr909
2. Cyrus
3. Tight
4. Transition

Decoy 03 welcomes, Germany based Brazilian born Urbano. His releases and remixes have caught our attention and we are very excited by this youngsters raw and old school approach to techno music. Taking us back to an era of techno when Joey Beltram was king! The title track 2XR909 features a mixture of stabs and metal clangs over a full percussive 909 workout, which build up and down keeping a steady groove. Cyrus moves us into a darker territory but still maintains the energy with bold hats and more metalic stabs. Transition bleeps its way through a tight groove with a thunderous clap giving us more of that well loved old school driving techno sound which we have become familiar with, within Urbano’s stye. Last but not least Tight is the deeper of the 4 tracks showing a more diverse side to this producer, with a haunting atmosphere and varying frequencies creating a more melodic feel but still maintaining the rawness.


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