L.A.W. “Condemner EP”

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Artist: L.A.W.
Title: Condemner EP
Label: Decoy
Cat. #: Decoy04
Format: Digital
1. Condemner
2. Everest
3. Sporadicus

Introducing L.A.W., two sisters from Northern Ireland who share the same passion for techno music, both with djing and producing, they have recent releases on Slap Jaxx and Driving Forces, which have caught our attention.
For the 4th instalment on Decoy Records they have turned out 3 well polished pieces, Condemner, the title track is driving the way with bass heavy kicks and churning warehouse drones, which bleep their way into the frenzy that Condemner is. Sporadicus is slightly deeper but still maintains energy.
Stripping it back, L.A.W. introduces another dimension to their production work with Everest, keeping things simple, this climbs into higher territory with metal stabs and relentless percussion.


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