Deepbass ”Campello LP”

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Deepbass Album Art Front
Artist: Deepbass
Title: Campello LP
Label: Informa Records
Release Date: April, 2016
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat #:
Deepbass – Formation (Original Mix)
Deepbass – RT (Original Mix)
Deepbass – Tidal (Original Mix)
Deepbass – Cycles (Original Mix)
Deepbass – Thonn (Original Mix)
Deepbass – Kyma (Original Mix)
Deepbass – Campello (Original Mix)
Deepbass – Formation (Original Mix)

The music of Darren Roberts has asserted it ́s uniqueness within his preferred form of expression, rolling and tunneling techno, strong on propulsion and atmosphere.

What stands out from his production and performance is that Deepbass creates something identifiably his own, but refuses to ever be limited by it or to get comfortable repeating just
one thing. Instead, he takes what ́s already his own and streamlines it, sharpens it and nuances it. The origin and destination of this bullet train might be constant, but the path it takes and how the journey feels is ever-changing.

Now the debut album from Deepbass which is going out on his Informa imprint consists of 8 tracks all in his signature sound but in a more restrained and expressive nature. A sensory journey built of entrancing melodies, fluid motions and a transcending flow which create a pure hypnotic effect. Moments of electronic tribalism consistently layered with waves of delicate sonics and textures, taking you deep into the abyss creating strong imagery in a near cinematic style.

The release will be available as a double 12″ and digital, mastering made by Artefacts Mastering.  Darren will also be showcasing his first live act to go along with the LP.


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