Deepbass Interview

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1) Hi Darren, first of all welcome to Different Grooves. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Darren Roberts, I’m from Scotland, I make techno under my Deepbass alias and run a label called Informa Records.

2) What are the motivations and inspirations that push you forward in producing and deejaying?

I feel I can take inspiration from many places, if I visit a new city or go to an awesome party these things can lead to new ideas and fresh sounds.
Also a new bit of equipment can really fuel my inspiration.
The ultimate source for me is to collaborate with other artists it’s amazing what you can take away from these sessions.

3) Tell us about your studio, which sequencers do you use? With what hardware/software do you mainly work? What machine would you consider the best part of your kit?

For my DAW I have always used Ableton Live, it is the one I feel most comfortable with.
I have been using NI Maschine for a long time and I even still use the old software, it is my go-to instrument for most of my drums.
In terms of vst’s ect I like the ones by Rob Papen also NI Reaktor and Max For Live.
And for hardware iv been having a lot of fun with the TR-8 lately but my favourite bit of gear at the moment is my Moog Minitaur I’m using it in every track.

4) How would you describe your sound and how many years you spent in the studio to reach your own style?

My music would best be described as the deeper more hypnotic side of techno.
I love playing with repetitive, bass heavy rhythms layered with beautiful soundscapes and atmospheres.
I have been building and sculpting my own sound for around 7 years now.
For each new track I like to focus on my usual concept but always experimenting and trying new instruments and techniques.
It takes a lot of trial and error to find your sound and is important to keep it evolving as you go.

5) Tell us something behind the creation of the ‘Moha’ EP on Soma Records, some particular stuff to reveal to our readers?

Most of the sounds from Dune and Moha were recorded from the Microkorg and processed in Ableton.
Both tracks had many previous versions before I was finally ready to release them.
Im happy how they came out in the end.

6) You recently joined the Soma Records family, could you tell us your business relationship and maybe the friendship behind this cooperation with the label guys?

As well as the label the Soma guys run the biggest events in my hometown Glasgow, I grew up going to these parties and have been going since I was old enough to get into the clubs.
Through the parties and playing around the city I met the guys regularly.
I was thrilled when they asked me to do the Lewis Fautzi remix which led to the first EP.
It is a good crew they have there super pro and are real cool.

7) Someone told me that you are working hard in the studio to release your new album….. can you give us any good info or anticipation about it.

Yes my new album is finished, I took some time out and done most of the process in a small coastal part of Spain.
I put together a small studio setup, took some field recordings and gave it my full focus with no distractions.
Although it’s still a techno album it is something intended to be listened to in its entirety.
Still very much my sound but in a more restrained manner.                                                                                   Also I have put together my first live to go along with it which is based around the album but more dance floor orientated with some stuff from my back catalogue in there for good measure.                    

8) Now are you living in Barcelona, so which are Deepbass’s thoughts on the Spanish clubbing scene?

I think the scene in Barcelona is really cool, there is rarely a week where you can’t find at least one interesting party. Moog, Nitsa & The Loft have you covered.
Been to some great parties since I arrived here.
Still to check out the rest of the country.

9) Any future plans in the coming months?

I have just released my Second Stage EP on Soma, next on my label will be my album followed by the next Deepbass & Ness collaboration. I also have some remixes coming out over various labels.
Also I have some great shows coming up which will take me to Milan, Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Tbilisi, Cologne & Malta.

10) Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Interview by Marco Pellegrini.


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