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Deepchild is Berlin-based producer/dj Rick Bull…deepchild

As a core member of of the Thoughtless Music / Trapez recording-artist roster, the deepchild production-aesthetic remains firmly routed in an exploration of “post-Detroit” machine-music – bass-heavy, insistent, angular, raw, noisy and dub-laden techno, with persistent references to classic-disco and soul rising and falling between rumbling proto-funk and mutant R’n’B.

“My music is personal – it tends toward the darker side of house and techno, and it’s certainly not for everyone. But it’s my story, and the story of my people.” – deepchild

Raw, seductively uncompromising techno, distilled from an arsenal of renegade drum-machines and decrepit synthesizers, expressed through a live set embracing hardware-improvisation and excessive amounts of sweat. Deepchild live and DJ sets have graced world famous dance floors including Berlin’s legendary Berghain, Tresor, Watergate, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, EXIT Festival, Fusion Festival and more – from Detroit and New York, to shows throughout North America, Europe and Asia. This is the sound of forgotten technology, resurrected. Of old machines singing a timeless blues, both intimately-familiar and curiously alien. Demons liberated whilst noisy rim-shots rattle. Clean, the deepchild sound is not.

“Music is my ‘machine’ for making sense of my world.” – deepchild (on Studiofeed, New York)

Recent DJ support from the likes of Shed, Stacey Pullen, Troy Peirce (MINUS), Abe Duque, Paco Osuna, Basic Soul Unit and Adam Beyer sits solidly against the proclamations of respected music journal, The Wire, who went as far as to proclaim that this sound was “as sexy and addictive as new-dub electronica gets.”

When Stereo-Heaven (the biggest dj store in Essen, Germany) found that their biggest selling tech-house record was in fact written in a small share-house studio in Sydney, Australia (deepchild’s “No Disgrace”, on Future Classic), they took the time to make special mention of what is indicative of deepchild’s head-turning appeal: “Over here in my hometown in Germany, we really love ‘No Disgrace’!! It’s also by far the best-selling record in our new local shop, too… from deep or tech house to minimal DJs, hip-hop and electronica fans – everybody is into that 3-tracker… really an amazing 12-inch you’ve created!”

More recently, deepchild has produced #1-sellers for Anabatic Records, Resopal Schallware, Opossum Records and Thoughtless Music, remixing and being remixed by some of the electronic music worlds’ most esteemed: Booka Shade, Luomo, Robert Babicz, Hipp-E, Jimpster/Audiomontage, [a]pendics.shuffle, Brendon Moeller, Tim Xavier, Alland Byallo, Moritze Piske (Smash TV), Luca Lozano (Zombie Disco Squad), Worthy (Dirtybird) and many many more…



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