Deepchord ‘Ultraviolet Music’

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somacd111Artist: Deepchord
Title: Ultraviolet Music
Label: Soma Records
Format: CD / Digital
Cat. #: SOMACD111
Release Date: November 27
Disc 1
01 – Visible Audio
02 – Ambrosia
03 – CMOS Therapy
04 – Gulf Breeze
05 – Red Sky
06 – Sferic
07 – Radio Netherlands 08 – Melange
09 – Night Transmission 10 – Bogota
Disc 2
01 – Grundig
02 – Ghost Track
03 – 12th Space
04 – North Sea
05 – Hyperborea
06 – Where Science Meets The Divine 07 – Voice of Guyana
08 – A New Consciousness
09 – The Infinite Now
10 – Mass Digital
11 – Radionics

A new collection of otherworldly transmissions from Deepchord’s laboratory. With “Ultraviolet Music”, Deepchord returns to his proprietary formula of atmospheric heroin-house (after 2013’s more cinematic “20 Electrostatic Soundfields”). A hallucinogenic amalgamation of deep emotive textures swimming around 4/4 kicks and sub-bass, middle of the night atmospheres, hypnotic repetitions, shortwave static and slowly evolving textures that envelop the listener in warm blan- kets of sound. Equally effective on a dance floor as it is in one’s private space. Multi-dimensional sounds that move the mind and the feet. Numerous (processed) acoustic and organic sound sources make these tracks seem alive in a way that is uncommon in electronic music today. They are breathing life-forms that reveal their subtle layers with repeated listenings. It’s music that’s in- fluenced equally by 1980’s experimental, 1990’s ambient, Detroit techno, deep house, and Berlin school, creating something entirely unique in the process. State of the art low-tech electronica.


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