Artist: Phunk Investigation
Title: Altered State
Label: Definition Records
Remixers: Adrian Hour, Christian Fischer
Cat. #: DEFD2071
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 5th 2013
1. Altered State (Original Mix)
2. Altered State (Adrian Hour Remix)
3. Altered State (Christian Fischer Remix)

Altered States is a simple yet straight forward homage to those higher moments in life, with floating tech house taking over control. With fierce dark whispering vocals and an epic build up, trancey stabs and bouncy kicks, the Original is the one to lift you up. Smattering down any kind of resistance with his amazing remix, Christian Fischer does it again. Funky bongos and rolling drums manage to get you dancing at one. Adrian Hour does not tone down one bit, pushing up the energy level by subliminally weaving in hard trancey elements: “Altered States” is ready to tear up floors!


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