Fabio Lendrum “Overtime EP”

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Artist: Fabio LendrumDEFECT008
Title: Overtime EP
Label: Domino Effect Records
Remixers: S. Jay & Ostertag, Rare Candy
Cat. #: DEFECT008
Format: Digital
Release Dates: November 24th 2014 (Beatport), December 8th 2014 (Everywhere)
1. Overtime (Original Mix)
2. Overtime (S. Jay & Ostertag Exclusive Rework)
3. Overtime (Rare Candy’s 1, 998 Reasons For Bass Mix)
4. Switch (Original Mix)

Groovy and catchy release by the UK label Domino Effect, who features Fabio Lendrum with two high quality deep house tracks. The first one called “Overtime” gives the title to the release and it’s easy but effective: a few number of drums and a bassline in constant dialogue with a male vocal.
S. Jay & Ostertag rework it giving a class touch, while Rare Candy played intensely with the intriguing bassline making it rolling and robotic with band pass filter actions.
The second original piece is “Switch”, different from the other three songs because of its docile and calm nature.


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