The Eye Of Time “Anti”

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Artist: The Eye Of TimeTheEyeOfTime_ANTI
Title: Anti
Label: Denovali
Cat: DEN209
Formats: CD, LP, digital
Release Date: March 20th 2015
1. A Perfect World
2. Retrospective Memory
3. Collapse
5. Embrace The Truth, Face The End Of All Things

Marc Euvrie debuts on Denovali Records with a sophisticated mini album, that with the use of many different instruments covers a nice range of emotions and feelings.
The first track called “A Perfect World” is controversial and for sure it brings an important message. From the beginning we can hear a shepard tone effect, which creates a terrifying sensation. After its climax it turns down, and a sense of tranquillity comes back with a gentle piano melody; but step after step it fades away, some spoke radio messages appear, and after these here we go with bomb explosions… Is this a prelude for something?
“Retrospective Memory” and “Collapse” let us appreciate a sense of freedom, while “Anti” and “Embrace the Truth, Face the End of All Things” carry a melancholic, obscure and doubtful prospective of our future.

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