Carlos Cipa “All Your Life You Walk”

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Artist: Carlos Cipa
Title: All Your Life You Walk
Label: Denovali
Cat. #: DEN210
Formats: CD, 2 x LP ,digital
Release Date: November 21st 2014
Fragment #1
2. And Gently Drops The Rain
3. Hang On To Your Lights
4. Secret Longing
5. Fragment #2
6. For They Had Things To Say
7. Needle In A Doll
8. Fragment #3
9. A Broken Light For Every Heart
10. Fragment #4
11. Step Out From Time
12. Today And It’s Gone
13. Fragment #5
14. Nowhere To Be Found
15. Fragment #6

The second solo album by the Munich composer Carlos Cipa expresses his deep interest for piano and classical music composition. As suggested by the label, the album should be listened in a single session, without skipping from track to track, as we’re used to do in this digital era. During the listening we can intercept some moments where the piano gets abandoned and prevail the use of unusual percussions, creating some bridges between the different emotions evoked.
High class album.

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